Trip #1 – LAKE FORK TRAILHEAD – to Upper Brown Duck Basin – Short-cut to Atwine, Clements,   Stewart, X-78,   Twin, Mud, Aspen, Island and Brown Duck Lakes – back to Trailhead.  10 lakes including some no-name lakes, 25 miles, 3-4 days
Trip #2 – LAKE FORK TRAILHEAD – to East Basin Pass-Basin, Horshoe, Picture, X-83, Three Lakes, Cleveland Pass-Lake, Squaw Basin-Squaw, Shamrock, Diamond, Mid, Rudolph, Tworoose Pass, Lake, Lily, Kidney, Little Dog, Big Dog, back to Trailhead.  16 lakes, 43 miles, 5-7 days.  


rip #3  ROCK CREEK TRAILHEAD – Rock Lakes, Young, Anderson, Phinney, Ledge, Continent Lakes, Dead Horse Pass, Doug, Boot  and Rconnaissance Lakes, Allsop saddle, back to Trailhead.    10 lakes, 50 miles, 6-8 days  Sorry the following map didn’t work well.


Trip #4 – WEST FORK WHITEROCKS TRAILHEAD – Queant, Cleveland Lakes, Fox/Queant Pass, Crescent, Fox, Brook Lakes, North Pole Pass, Taylor Lakes.  7 lakes, 21 miles, 4 days,  Topo Map and elevation profile.


Trip #5 – UINTA RIVER TRAILHEAD – Pippen, Krebs, Chain and Oke Doke Lakes, Roberts Pass, B029, Carrot, Allen, Allred, Roberts, Atwood, U-19, U-22, George Beard Lakes, Trail Rider Pass, Beard, U-75, U-76, Milk, Gilbert, U-79, Verlie, Rainbow, 4 no-name, Davis 1,2 Lakes, North Park, 4 Painter Lakes, to trailhead.  31 lakes, 78 miles, 8-10 days. This map was also too large to work well here, but you’ll get the general idea.
Trip #6 – EAST FORK BEAR RIVER TRAILHEAD – Lake Lorena. 1 lake, 9 miles, 3 daysT
Trip #6 – EAST FORK BEAR RIVER TRAILHEAD – Lake Lorena. 1 lake, 9 miles, 3 days


Trip #7 – MIDDLE FK BLACKS FORK TRAILHEAD – G-72, G-74 lakes.  2 lakes, 20 miles, 4 days.  



Trip #8 – EAST FK BLACKS FK TRAILHEAD – Little East Fork alpine lakes.  5 lakes,  20 miles, 4-5 days.  



Trip #9 – HENRY’S FORK TRAILHEAD – Alligator, SawMill, Bear, G-10, G-39, Grass, Island, Henry’s, Castle, G-4, Blanchard, Castle, Cliff, G-98 lakes.  13 lakes, 28 miles, 4-5 days.  



Trip #10 – MIDDLE BEAVER CK TRAILHEAD – Hidden, Beaver, Coffin, GR-143 and GR-177 lakes and Thompson Pass.  5 lakes, 26 miles, 4-5 days. 



Trip #11 – MIDDLE BEAVER CK TRAILHEAD – no names lakes west of trailhead.  5 lakes,  7 miles, 2 days. 



Trip #12 – East Fk Blacks Fk TRAILHEAD – East Fk Pass, Red Knob Pass, Crater, Lambert, Oweep, Porcupine Lakes, Porcupine Pass, 3 no-name lakes in upper Garfield Basin, back to Porcupine and Squaw Pases and down Little East Fk to Trailhead.  7 lakes, 48 miles, 7-9 days.  



Trip #13 – HIGHLINE TRAILHEAD – to Pinto, Margo, Governor-Dern, Rainbow, Range, and Jeff Lakes,   and back to Trailhead.   6 lakes,    miles, 4 days.