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SURPRISE…A NEW GLITCH! A New Surgery Monday–April 8th

It all boiled down to my left hip being all worn out, resulting in painful bone-on-bone, leaving me no choice but to go for a new surgery.  If you didn’t see the X-ray showing that, click on the above link, then come back for my report on:


I had forgot to tell Dr. Jackson that I wanted the ball end of my femur–to mount on something and have like a trophy– he was to saw off to replace with titanium, and asked him about it afterwards, but he said it was too late and besides I wouldn’t want to see it as my bone was so hard they had to use something like a chisel and hammer to take it off in 4 pieces.  I’m exaggerating his description for sure, but didn’t get the “trophy.”  Dr. Jackson did a great job in the 2 hour surgery and came to see me when I couldn’t even begin to lift my left leg without help to get down and go for my first walk.

Above are the BEFORE, on the left,  and the AFTER to the right.
The 2nd day I early walked for 3 laps and felt great, but by the afternoon the pain blocker began wearing off and my vision of soon backpacking began to wain.

I was deeply impressed by all the medical staff who took care of me, and as I did while at Reams Supermarket, did my best to learn everyone’s name and took pictures of most.  Below is the 13″ x 19″ card I made and posted today  (Thursday the 18th, one week after being released) at the hospital.
I’m grateful for the visits made by my family, for my brother, Marlo, who brought me a walker on loan, and for Jesse who picked me up and took me home.

The instructions called for use of the walker for 6 weeks–but after using it on Thursday and Friday, I could lift my leg without help, and the walker just got in my way so was gratefully stored in a corner of the living room.  Dr. Jackson didn’t chew me out today for that, just smiled and said he had expected such, but to be careful–NO BACKPACKING FOR 6 WEEKS!

The instructions ordered me to not drive for 3 weeks, but there were urgent needs and so the next day I carefully tried it and since I drive with my right leg have continued.

Now to the ‘NEW LIFE:”  
My last 5 children, I have been a Mr. Mom to for the last 20 years, have grown up and I am proud to say they are becoming independent.  In all of that my remaining assets have been exhausted and so I will grow up too and go independent in a way to accomplish best my purposes:  First, finishing my High Uintas Wilderness Project with research, investigations, and explorations all around the Uinta Mountains and up into Southern Wyoming.  Second, while doing so persist in managing as a volunteer the Guatemalan Foundation and our altruistic projects among the Mayas in Guatemala.

To do so I will go mobile in my tiny 7′ x 11′ self-contained travel trailer, pulled behind my upgraded car, a Ford Explorer.  Since I was a young kid I dreamed of one day having a “cabin in the mountains,” but my 40 years helping the Mayans didn’t make me rich, so that dream was

forgotten a long time ago–until one day recently


It is a 2006 model so inexpensive enough to handle, but doesn’t look used at all.

The spacious and well equipped kitchen, dining/living room and bathroom.
As you might perceive, I have modified it for my needs, building into it drawers, and shelves for my large 13″ x 19″ printer, my flatbed scanner, and with my high end laptop with unlimited access to the internet, I will be able to get to work and doing more than I have been able to do all these years.  Under the cabinets on the right I will soon install two more storage batteries connected to solar panels on the roof.  Everything is cushioned underneath and for travel held securely in place with bungy cords.

Of course I will be in abundant contact with the Satellite Phone from Russ and Skycall Satellite, plus my SPOT Personal Tracker, and reports each Saturday morning to Tim Hughes and KSL OUTDOORS RADIO.
The FIRST REPORT will be heard this Saturday, April 20th between 6:00-8:00 AM.
Click on the highlighted link to take you to KSL Online, or tune in to 1160 AM or 102.7 FM

I will also be in contact with the world with a high end cell phone that will give me unlimited internet access when in my mobile unit.

I will appreciate any comments, questions, or suggestions–and maybe an occassional invite for  a first class hot shower!!!!

SURPRISE…A NEW GLITCH! A New Surgery Monday–April 8th

My “COMEBACK” described in my 5 YouTube videos all of a sudden took a wrong turn, so back to the specialists.  They tried another cortisone shot in a new spot in my spine, guided by x-ray technology that was supposed to make possible my remaining 150 miles of backpacking in the High Uintas Wilderness in July and August.  If that worked another surgery would be necessary to make it permanent.  But it didn’t work with some new  problems that had cropped up, so back to the drawing boards. 

Dr. Alan Colledge had done the shot, and I went back to him for a refund!  I described my whole experience and the new painful conditions.  He seemed to immediately suspect what had cropped up, and took an x-ray, I’ll insert below.  My right hip seen on the left side of the x-ray shows a distinct ball  and joint separation.  The left one, on the right, is all mushy with bone on bone.  NOTE:  Don’t be embarrassed by the shot of my private parts–THE ZIPPER IS UP!
The hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday morning with two or three days in the hospital, and then a six week recuperation period at the end of which I’m promised  I’ll be hiking again and I should be ready for my scheduled backpacking in the summer–and hopefully insist on NEVER GIVING IN in my 78th year.  I’ll keep you all informed.

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