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For many years it has been thought that Escalante and Dominguez were “the first white people to visit the Uinta Basin and see at a distance the High Uinta Mountains.”  But, history mentions they came north following “the old Spanish trail,”  which means 

it was a trail that already existed made previously by Spanish explorers….right?I relate the story in my HIGH UINTAS BOOK, regarding GOLD IN THE UINTAS and THE LOST RHODES MINE, how that happened as early as the mid 1500’s when Spaniards were the

 first white men to see the High Uintas!For “the rest of the story” and quotes how to find the gold, and even pictures of whole mountains of it,you’ll have to get GET MY BOOK, details below: 

THE HIGH UINTA MOUNTAINS BOOKIt is the only book on the High Uintas that has up-to-date information about the lakes with color topographical maps showing the routes and distances to each lake, as well as being the only guide book that has HISTORY, LEGENDS, SURVIVAL STORIES of those who didn’t make it and why, plus MY OWN 8 SURVIVAL STORIES & why I’m still around in my late 80’s.  There is also an important chapter on….. LIGHTWEIGHT –JOYFUL & SAFE BACKPACKING that first explores WHY WE EXPLORE and even a sectionon why one outdoor expert called me a radio show a…..


 Plus 15 Appendices with all kinds of additional information unique to this book, like 

references to the High Uinta Project in Backpacker Magazine  and

 A full-page spread color photo & article in TheSalt Lake Tribune,  plus

articles on: 


 Personal Locater Beacons, a 

Tie Hacker Museum in Wyoming

Another article about me  in Combat Handguns magazine

The Legend of Big & Little Foot,

The Central Utah Project

Visions of Nature, 

Mosaic of hundreds of High Uinta Friends,  

High Altitude Sickness, and

a big section with all my secrets on the AGING CHALLENGE, with  pictures below used in that story of my struggle to remain active and useful. Just for health and longevity purposes



Bill does have a lot more hair than me, but also too much other stuff!Also a  14 page index.

To acquire a digital copy of the 730 page ebook, send me $20 and your email address to:Cordell M. Andersen444 Elm St.American Fork, Utah 84003On receipt of your order I will immediately email you a link to download the book to your computer along with my permission to share the link with one other friend.
PRINT COPIES For a print copy in two volumes as seen above….the spiral version is the most practical as pages will remain open.  The other version is mainly for libraries with a place to list call numbers.Every library in the U.S. should have this book as there is no other book  about the HIGH UINTAS or SAFE, ENJOYABLE BACKPACKING ANYWHERE  that even comes close. I do not personally handle orders for print copies anymore as I did in the beginning for about 60 more than willing to pay big bucks to get it, but now suggest my favorite printer below.  Prices in the beginning were relatively low as I got a quantity discount for the 60 who were willing to pay almost anything, but prices have risen a lot, so you will have to talk to the printer….but for a single copy you can expect the cost  to be around $200.  They do excellent color reproduction with great paper.  Also they can do a black & white version that will cost about 1/3rd of what color will cost.  

Of course you can get it done at your favorite printer by taking to the printer a thumb drive with the book.  If you go to Office Max, remember my experience is that they printed all the pictures too dark, so give strict instructions to avoid that and get better color reproduction.  Best call COPYTEC.


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