Trip #2 Search for the GOLDEN TROUT

Trip #2 July 2-4 Murdock Basin Road—Search for the Golden Trout—Echo, Joan, Blizzard and Gem Lakes. PURPOSES: Friends Dean Mitchell and Roger Wilson at the DWR informed me there are Golden trout in the area. Need to catch , photograph and display on my website this most colorful of trout. It is out of the Wilderness area, but very important. Fri- Sun =..3 days……………………………………..6 miles

Remember, if you are interested you can track me on the SPOT Messenger website at: SPOT TRACKING  10 of you will receive Check-in messages via email once or twice a day and can click on the link to go to Google Earth seeing exactly where I am.  Each of you can forward this to others who might be interested.

You can also listen to KSL OUTDOORS RADIO Saturday morning from 6:05 to 8:00 a.m.  My time slot is about 6:35 a.m. if I get a good signal on the satellite phone.  Of course you can listen online at:  KSL ONLINE

The bulletin board at REAMS SUPERMARKET has a related sign up you see below:

NOTE:  Due to the economic situation and my work I have had to make some shifts in my summer backpacking schedule.  I will post the updated schedule next week once I return from my “SEARCH FOR THE GOLDEN TROUT.”  But if all goes well, I will always be at some exotic location each Saturday for KSL OUTDOORS until the end of August

See you on the trail!.


The total varietes now comes to around 238 between Flowers of the Foothills to Alpine Wildflowers–right up to Kings Peak.  I’ll insert one new foothill variety below.
It is the PURPLE SALSIFY, Tragopogon porrifolius.  Yellow Salsify is very common in the foothills, originating from Europe.  The purple variety is a bit rare.  The two species hybridize creating variations. Trapogogon  is Greek for “goat’s beard.”  To see the common yellow and this rare purple variety go to SALSIFY.