Trip #12-2014-15 CRATER-OWEEP-GARFIELD Basinm

Trip #12 – East Fk Blacks Fk TRAILHEAD – East Fk Pass, Red Knob Pass, Crater, Lambert, Oweep, Porcupine Lakes, Porcupine Pass, 3 no-name lakes in upper Garfield Basin, back to Porcupine and Squaw Pases and down Little East Fk to Trailhead.  7 lakes, 48 miles, 7-9 days.  

Trip #14-2014-16 RED CASTLE AREA

There are 4 maps in this post, and since we are going south from the trailhead, we begin with:
Map 1

 Map 1:  From the China Meadows Trailhead south up the trail past the first bridge.

 Map 2:  We conitinue up past where the North Slope Highline Trail crosses our trail and to Broadbent Meadows. and nearly to the 2nd bridge.

 Map 3:  This map takes us to the 2nd bridge, up the switch-backs into the high country, past the Bald Mt. trail, and then turn east on the trail to Smiths Fork Pass, and to East Red Castle Lake.

Map 4:  Here we begin at East Red Castle Lake, swing around Smith’s Fork Lake, then down around Red Castle, and up to Red Castle and Upper Red Castle Lakes.