Comments and Controversy from the Salt Lake Tribune article

A few COMMENTS including a bit of CONTROVERSY
From the Salt Lake Tribune article

“I want to be like this guy when I grow up.”  

“Im so proud to be part of his family and I hope one day his grandchildren can love the
Uintas Mountains as much as he does!” 

“Love it.  Utah is certainly host to some magnificent and humbling vistas.  I know a few people that traverse the high Uintas on a regular basis.  That terrain and isolation is for only the most experienced.  Not only does it work out the body – it works out the mind.   1500 miles.  Great story !! “

“Great story! I would love a chance to do the same.”

“This guy is a treasure trove of information on so, so many levels. I hope he gets many opportunities to share his stories and knowledge.”

“Great article!  Great pictures!  Kudos to Mr. Andersen.”

“I wonder who pays for his rescues? “
 from Escaped from Zion

“I do.  Don’t worry your tax dollars go to fund UTA land buy-outs…”

“I’d rescue him but not arrogant  you!”

“Oh no, here comes the SLtrib crack incident expert brigade.”


“There was only one rescue. Are you saying people shouldn’t go because they might need to be rescued?”
Reply from Escaped from Zion
“I think it’s great he hikes by himself and carries a satellite phone. I’m just wondering if the county billed him for his rescue?”
Comment from Basinboy
“Unfortunately, the county taxpayer picks up the bill for his escapades and other search and rescue operations in wilderness areas.”

               Brett Prettyman  in reply to EscapedfromZion

                                                                                                        and Basinboy

“His rescue was via LifeFlight from the U. I assume his insurance paid for it. There was no Search and Rescue.”
Cordell Andersen’s reply to Escaped from Zion and Basinboy
“Thanks, Brett, for your comments.  Let me just add a word or two.  In the caption of the first photograph  I make a simple reply to EscapedfromZion, but will repeat it here.  My insurance covered the cost of the LifeFlight helicopter, minus my portion being a 10% deductible. “

NOTE:  At the end of this post I will insert what I recommend should be done by everyone going into the wilderness to avoid what happened to Eric Robinson this past summer in the Uintas.  He is the 64 year old Australian lost in the mountains.  My recommendations would avoid such happening in 99% of the cases. 
Let’s now go back to the comments:

“Wow. Incredible story and an incredible man. An inspiration to us all. The Uintas truly are legend. So unique in how they are built. Massive unbroken stretches of tundra, the like of which do not exist below Canada or Alaska. I am still learning of the wonders of the place. So many hidden waterfalls, hanging lakes and hard to access places and peaks. 
Some incredible photos of some of the  ‘secret’ spots I have been to over the years. I have long thought Reconnaissance Lake was one of the most spectacular sites in this country. It literally brought me to tears when I first saw it. Red Castle (East Fork of Smiths Fork), is my preferred access to Kings. Even a picture of the rarely seen east peaks of Red Castle. Love this article.”

“That is simply awesome Cordell!  What a great article about a truly amazing man and some magnificent country! 

Congratulations from someone who is proud to call you my internet friend!”

Luke wrote: “VERY COOL Cordell!”
“Great article Cordell!  I was just Deer hunting last week near Suicide Park and saw many tie hacker cabins I had never seen before.  I immediatly thought of you:)  I think I’ll try to get into Crow lake next year thanks to you. 
I’ll let you know if i make it.”

“Great article, Cordell.  And now a book?  Fantastic!  I always wanted to have a rich and famous friend!  Take care.”

“Way to go Cordell!”
Tim Hughes

Shellee Sabey Bond “You ROCK Cordell! Keep on hiking!”

Julie Andersen-Versteeg   “SOOO cool Dad…you’re an inspiration to us all!!!”

Jolene Andersen  “Great article!!!  My son-in-law, Jared, saw it and forwarded.  I’m so proud of your accomplishments!!”

Breea Duerden Dunn  “Way to go Grandpa!” 

“I’m proud of you Gramps!” Bronson Duerden

Isabela Versteeg“I’m proud of you Gramps!” 
Terran Snyder   “That’s really awesome gpa!! Way to go.”

“Thanks for sharing the video.  Again congratulations are much deserved for the story in the Salt Lake Tribune.  It’s an amazing and interesting life that you have lived and are still busily engaged with.  Much admiration is given on my part for the love and sharing you have been willing to give to others including myself. Hope Reams is aware of the jewel they have in your service.  Have a wonderful evening.”  
 Connie Ann

Debbie    “This is so fantastic!  Congratulations!”
Lars Rasmussen   “I hope you are able to return to Triangle Mountain.  You are amazing!”

Brynn Duerden   from Australia  said:  “CONGRATS, GRANDPA!!! Y  R  AWESOME!”

“Read about your travels in this morning’s Tribune, and went immediately to your website. A wonderful story and beautiful photographs.  At my young age of 77, which I will celebrate on the 7th of October (with those numbers I should celebrate it in a casino), it is unlikely that I can prep myself to follow in your trailblazing footsteps, so will be somewhat satisfied with reading stories like yours, and enjoying the photos of things I have only imagined but not yet seen.  I have been an architect most of my life, and have survived and surveyed four high peaks.    Thanks for your story.  Respectfully,
Ray Kingston (one of the few Kingston Monogamists)

Teri Antti wrote:  
“Yes Uncle Cordell,very inspirational.  Since I turned 48 yesterday and can’t believe I am that age!  I haven’t hardly got started in life, so please keep inspiring me!”

“Hi Cordell.  Im glad that you are reconsidering your ‘Forest Gump Moment.’  We enjoyed your reports over the years and look forward to the next summer to do it all over again at KSL Outdoors Radio.  
Your SatPhone Buddy, 
Russ Smith”

Dear Cordell, 
I found out about you while reading the recent Tribune article.  The love of my life has also been the High Uintas.  There were so many places that I wished  to explore, but a series of health problems and my age have prevented me from getting there.  While I have done many day hikes and a few short backpacks in the Uintas, I have dreamed of getting to places like Red Castle and Crater lake.  You have brought those places to me.  Your photography, determination and stamina is awe inspiring.  The Uintas have provided me with such spiritual rejuvenation and I can tell, for you too.  In fact, I call myself a “Uintatarian”!  The fish, oh my!  The spectacular mountainscapes.  Thank you so much for bringing these great places to life for me again.  Oh how I wish I could do what you do.
Rosemary Lasko

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