It’s Tuesday evening and I’m packed and ready to leave early tomorrow for the Uinta Basin, first checking with our Forest Service gals in Duchesne.  I’m packed for an 8 day trip and will have 50 lbs. on my back and around my waist.  That’s quite a bit more than most of you would need, and more than I would like, but I need the 13+ lbs. of photo equipment.  Most of you could get by with just a tiny Waterproof point and shoot camera like I just did a YouTube video about (click on that link to see the 5 minute  video).  Going alone I also have another pound of sat phone and Spot Tracker, another pound of reading material, and 3.5 lbs. of marathoner’s supplements you can learn about in “Where I Get My Energy,”  critical perhaps because of going on 76.
I have chosen an area I checked out last week, the Center Park Trailhead, and my scheduled Trip No.4 to Swasey Hole and the Garfield Basin (click to see topo route maps and elevation profile).  The hike starts at 10,500 ft. and eventually leads to much above timberline alpine tundra where there will still be quite a bit of snow, but there shouldn’t be problems with streams too high to ford, or washed out bridges.  There are at least 23 lakes with brook and native trout, and one with Arctic grayling–some of which I have never tested.  For me this is an incredible, high priority area that I look forward to reporting on to all of you friends.  Below is a view of the upper Basin with Tungsten Lake in the foreground,  12,236 ft. Porcupine Pass in the middle background and 13,000 ft. Mt. Wilson on the right..
For those who want to track  me click on SPOT for the link.  I will be making a satellite call to KSL OUTDOORS Radio on Saturday morning at  about 6:40 a.m.  Click on that highlighted link to listen online, or afterwards you can listen to the podcast.  Most of the program will be reporting on Tim, Russ and Navi who are fishing in Alaska.  Hope they can squeeze me in.

For an interesting email  about Hades Canyon and the Grandaddies from an old friend, Kent Petersen, click on the above highlighted link.

NEWS FLASH:  The High Uintas Project photographs have become almost the entire record for the WILDERNESS AREAS website at uintas wilderness 

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