HIGH UINTAS ACCESSIBILITY – Conversation on KSL OUTDOORS – 1st YouTube report

UPDATE JULY 6th:  I just talked with the Forest Service in Duchesne.  They have a team that will drive as far as they can up Hades Canyon, and then hike to Hades Pass and the Grandaddies and have a report by tomorrow on accessibility.  They recommended that I hold off leaving until I get that report tomorrow (Thursday).  I also heard a recorded report on accessibility to Trailheads and key areas of the High Uintas.  Basically it reports spotty snow between 9,000 and 10,000 ft.  Over 10,000 feet, inaccessible still.  Trails leading to the high country are reported as being very muddy, and most streams too high to attempt fording.  
You can call:  
Duchesne Ranger Station – 435-738-2482
Roosevelt Ranger District – 435-722-5018
Kamas Ranger District –  435-783-4338

I was loading the car to leave today, but will hold off until tomorrow and report what I learn before leaving.  HAPPY BACKPACKING!

My Week’s activities in the High Uintas were discussed on KSL OUTDOORS RADIO
this morning–Saturday July 2nd at the 34:40 minute point.
This scene today is under heavy snow.  Check out my 1st exploratory trip on YouTube

2 Replies to “HIGH UINTAS ACCESSIBILITY – Conversation on KSL OUTDOORS – 1st YouTube report”

  1. Hi Cordell,

    Thanks for the update ! I am planning doing a crossing of the whole Highline in early August and am waiting on your status reports with bated breath. Let's get this snow melted off !

    Park City. UT

  2. I too am keeping a close eye on your updates. Planning to take a Scout troop into the high country in early August. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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