For a complete rundown on GEAR and SUPPLEMENTS,  click on:  GET THE BEST GEAR & SUPPLEMENTS .  There you will get links to my recommendations of the best books, equipment and supplements available.     In  this  photo essay, each image has accompanying text in the caption and comments. You will miss much of the text if you view it as a slide show. So click on the first image and then view one at a time reading caption, and then comments. You will see here a 58 year evolution of technique and equipment–from Army surplus gear that saw action against the Japanese in World War II, down to some of the best now available.   Links to  the options I present so you can get more information to make practical decisions for your needs and interests are only supplied in the GEAR….section and in the article mentioned below.
As the summer backpack season is approaching  I have created an article entitled HOW I DO A 3 DAY BACKPACK  with up-to-date information and links to all the best equipment available. I will always try and keep it simple and practical.  If backpacking requires studying a thick book, something is wrong in my opinion.

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