Off Again for Scheduled Trips to Crow Canyon and Tworoose Pass area

The view from East Basin Pass
OFF AGAIN to the High Uintas Wilderness by noon Wednesday, July 13, hoping access has improved.  See SCHEDULE and Trip #2 and #3.
I will drop by the Forest Service office in Duchesne to check on conditions, and hope to do:
Trip #2 to Crow Canyon in the Dry Gulch Drainage, 
Trip #3 from the Lake Fork Trailhead to Brown Duck Basin and Tworoose Pass, on to Squaw Basin and to Cleveland Pass and swing back through East Basin, over East Basin Pass and down through Brown Duck Basin to the Trailhead.
If you want to track my whereabouts each day and see it on  Google Earth, use the following link:

For 9 years this has been a public service that apparently has helped hundreds and maybe thousands.  Find out how you can help it to continue going to:

 July 9th  KSL OUTDOORS RADIO podcast  (at the 36:40 minute point) 

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