SURPRISE…A NEW GLITCH! A New Surgery Monday–April 8th

My “COMEBACK” described in my 5 YouTube videos all of a sudden took a wrong turn, so back to the specialists.  They tried another cortisone shot in a new spot in my spine, guided by x-ray technology that was supposed to make possible my remaining 150 miles of backpacking in the High Uintas Wilderness in July and August.  If that worked another surgery would be necessary to make it permanent.  But it didn’t work with some new  problems that had cropped up, so back to the drawing boards. 

Dr. Alan Colledge had done the shot, and I went back to him for a refund!  I described my whole experience and the new painful conditions.  He seemed to immediately suspect what had cropped up, and took an x-ray, I’ll insert below.  My right hip seen on the left side of the x-ray shows a distinct ball  and joint separation.  The left one, on the right, is all mushy with bone on bone.  NOTE:  Don’t be embarrassed by the shot of my private parts–THE ZIPPER IS UP!
The hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Monday morning with two or three days in the hospital, and then a six week recuperation period at the end of which I’m promised  I’ll be hiking again and I should be ready for my scheduled backpacking in the summer–and hopefully insist on NEVER GIVING IN in my 78th year.  I’ll keep you all informed.

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