Trip No. 4 – Bald Mt-Lk

This slide show will be Part I. I will not do as outlined at the end of this show, rather Part II will be an actual visit to Bald Lake, camping in the area, and testing the fishing. Reportedly the little visited lake has Eastern Brook Trout that are maintained by natural reproduction. I look forward to reporting what I find.

NEW NOTE: At the end of this show I take you to the log ruins of the Old Black’s Fork Commissary. I mistakenly said that it was “Army.” As mentioned in the NEW NOTE of Show #3, I had learned in my Trip #5 that the log ruins all over the North Slope all had to do with the Union Pacific Railroad and their tiehackers that worked in the area from around 1867 until 1930. The Commissary was a quite complete community with a General Store, Livery Stable and sale of horses, a School, a Church, and even a Brothel. All of this “tiehacker culture” initially contributed to the creation of the Transcontinental Railway, and then its maintenance over many years with many millions of railroad ties.

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