Trip No. 6 – Golden Anniversary

This was the much anticipated trip with my two original backpack buddies, Ted Packard & Charlie Petersen, who introduced me to the Uintas in 1952. As you have noticed from some of the other slides shows, Ted and I have had a number of adventures together in recent years, but I hadn’t seen Charlie in more than 50 years. However, we had kept in touch and finally this year put together this monumental trip together to the Red Castle area. As usual it became another “challenge” for me as a week before I had been hit and run over while jogging, but come “hell or highwater” I wasn’t going to miss this trip. I mention a few details in the 20 minute program. It was a bit tough for me, but thanks to the Lord, and my two wonderful friends, it was pretty successful. I hope you enjoy the experience, and look forward to being in touch again soon with more on the majestic High Uintas alpine wonderland.

For better viewing of the images from the 2008 slide shows I will add them to the GALLERIES section. Of course there will be no sound, just larger, better quality photographs.

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  1. As an avid fan of the Uintas, I believe that Cordell has done a wonderful job of bringing out the true beauty of the many awe inspiring locations in this great region. What a wonderful web site – and I send high respects to a man who obviously loves the beauty that too few take time to enjoy.

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