HUGE GLITCH!!!...June 3, 2014
The MIRROR LAKE SCENIC BYWAY has been open for more than a week and the Uintas are thawing out…..moving closer launch of my backpacking schedule…. but……….I made a huge miscalculation accepting a chemotherapy treatment for skin cancer from neck and shoulders up….& .am suffering the burning pains of “hell”  for it and working on recovery just as quick as possible……all will be informed when that is behind me and High Uintas Wilderness Project begins for this summer….hopefully as soon as the thaw opens up the high country trails!

PROMISED YouTube Videos on:  
 SURVIVAL & Preparation 3: GEAR/FOOD
Because of the chemo therapy I have been suffering through…I’ve been set back a couple of weeks.  For my advice on Survival and what I do and recommend everyone  do for your safety & also my changes in gear and suggestions on food…please go through the 4 parts of my speech at Coalville.  Check out the summary that heads each part for the items that interest you most.  You’ll notice that Parts 3 & 4 have specific mentions of these items. 
For those YouTube videos & the Introduction to my Dream List that was on this Home page, click on:  COALVILLE SPEECH & INTRODUCTION 

Also for info on SURVIVAL & precautions you should take to backpack…especially ALONE, go to:  SURVIVAL

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