PLANS FOR MY 79th, 80th, & 81st YEARS

Now with “no pain for the first time in 30 years”  my imagination and dreams for the future soar out of control. extending my Project for one, and likely two  more years- finishing  in my 80th year!

 Following is my list of “dreams”  for the future.  All of this is in keeping with my repeated theme since the beginning of my High Uintas Wilderness Project::

Sir Winston Churchill

My age of course has me realistically modifying it just a bit, to:
Note:  If you’re new and don’t quite understand all of this, check out my last YouTube  video that summarizes my 2013 activities, including 100 miles of backpacking “against all odds!”  :

Now…THE DREAM LIST: Later I’ll add photos, topo maps, distances, etc.

NOTE:  If any of my family are interested I’ll squeeze in each summer a Family Backpack too.

NOTE:  Feb. 24th, 2014.  The following was my original Dream List, now totally outdated and up to 14 trips, plus one (if I’m still alive by that time).  I’ll leave it here as originally posted  for history’s sake.  The updated and enhanced Dream List will be put back on the web by February 28th, and will be introduced by a report to KSL Outdoors Radio the next morning.
1.  Moon Lake/Lake Fork Trailhead – South Slope –  LOOP – Atwine, Clements, Stewarts,  Twin, and Aspen Lakes and back to Trailhead–thus beginning the season with an easy short trip.

2.  Moon Lake/Lake Fork Trailhead – South Slope – LOOP –  East Basin Pass,  Horshoe, and Picture Lakes, Cleveland Pass, Diamond, Mid, Rudolph Lakes, and Tworoose Pass, Tworoose, Kidney, Island and  Brown Duck Lakes, and back to Trailhead..

3.  Upper Stillwater/Rock Creek Trailhead – South Slope – LOOP – Shamrock, Squaw, and Rock Lakes, then up Rock Creek to:  Anderson, Phinney, Ledge, and Continent Lakes on to Deadhorse Pass (for a piciture or two), and back down to:  Doug, Boot and Reconnissance Lakes and to Allsop Saddle for a picture, then back to Trailhead.

4.  Uinta River Trailhead – South Slope – LOOP – to North Park, Painter, Milk, U-75, and Beard Lakes,   Trail Ryder Pass (11,700 ft.), then to George Beard Lake and Basin, down to  Atwood, Roberts, Allen, Allred, Carrol, and B-29 Lakes,  on  to Roberts Pass, Oke Doke and Chain Lakes and back to Trailhead.

5.   West Fork Whiterocks Trailhead – South Slope – LOOP – Queant, Cleveland Lakes and Fox/Queant Pass (11,360 ft.), down to Crescent, Fox, Brook Lakes and up to North Pole Pass (11,800 ft.), then Taylor Lake and back to Trailhead.

6.  Middle Beaver Creek Trailhead – North Slope – LOOP – Beaver,  Coffin  and no-name Lakes and Thompson Pass then back to Trailhead.

7.  East Fork Blacks Fork Trailhead – North Slope – LOOP – Little East Fork, Squaw Pass (11,742 ft.) Porcupine Lake, and Pass (12,360 ft.), 3 no-name lakes above North Star Lake in Garfield Basin, back over Porcupine Pass, on to Lambert Lake, and to Crater Lake for the “picture of all pictures”  from north ridge above Crater Lake, up to Red Knob Pass (11,700 ft.), up to East Fork Pass (12,150 ft.) and down East Fork of Blacks Fork to Trailhead.

With this accomplished I will have completed my goal of climbing all the passes in the Wilderness and tested and reported on fishing in 60 more alpine lakes, added to the hundreds already reported on.

NOTE:  If you got this far you are possibly thinking I’m out of my mind to consider  doing all of this…maybe because of my age, maybe because I’m just a little guy whose nickname in my youth was “Little Andy.” 
 There were 5 “Andy’s” on the football team so I was designated as the 
“Little” one, who welcomed the challenge head on and laughed at the scoffers. 

 Let me  add that I have dreamed my end would come —tongue in cheek–in one of the following ways…anyone of which will be just fine with me–and a lot better than going out as a “couch potato!”  

1.  Backpacking in the High Uintas, 

2.  Running one more time in the International Half Marathon 
in Coban, Guatemala, or 

3.  After taking out a few of the Mexican Zetas Drug Cartel thugs in Alta Verapaz, 
Guatemala, I’m  finally  sent to my rest with a smile on my face!  

“DEATH BE NOT BORING…….I’ve lived well.  I’ve adventured widely.  I will not die poorly.”   by Jonathan Dorn


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