“LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE” in part tells my story…..pictorial summary inserted first below

HERE COMES THE NEW INSERT INTO WHAT WAS TO POSSIBLY BE MY LAST POST THIS SEASON…..BUT, all of a sudden–MY STORY– was on one of my favorite TV series--so wholesome, pure, entertaining, and so inspiring–so I’ve been watching an episode almost every evening, (9 seasons are available)


The Ingall’s house with Mary, Laura (“Half-pint”), and Carrie, was to eventually grow adding Grace, Albert, James and Cassandra–something like our CENTRAL HOUSE FAMILY in Guatemala grew, and grew, and grew some more!


Season 8, Episodes 17 & 18 tells sort of a similar LIFE & DEATH CONFRONTATION I FACED IN THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS, entitled: “DAYS OF SUNSHINE, DAYS OF SHADOW,” that I have shared in an email to my High Uinta & other friends with some detail below…but just a little as I hope I’m enticing you to look for it on Amazon Prime, or YouTubetv, etc……maybe even enhancing your lives by starting with Season 1 and go all the way to Season 9 with the wonderful Director and lead actor, Michael Landon, who plays Charles Ingalls. It is a pioneer kind of series, actually taken from the diary and books written by Charles & Caroline Ingall’s daughter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, one of the stars in the inspirational segment I review below with a series of pictures & just a little caption info to lead to the next image.

Almanzo, Laura’s husband, experiences diptheria, and then a stroke leaving him a cripple, similar to what happened to me.
Charles comforts his daughter Laura, Almanzo’s wife.
Dr. Brown attempts to encourage Almanzo with exercise that would require incredible effort, but Almanzo gives up as it is too painful and seemingly no progress.
Laura prays for, supports Almanzo and encourages him, but he gives up accepting being a cripple and actually wants to die.
Almanzo throws his crutches at Laura and the doctor, and resigns himself to a wheelchair and just watching life go by.
He wastes away his life attempting to help a geranium plant come to life and grow.
Laura prays fervently for her husband, and attempts to help him in every way, but all of a sudden realizes she has been helping too much, and gets angry at him not trying hard enough. Part of the family tragedy was being hit by a tornado that destroyed their home and their farm, plunging Almanzo even into deeper depression, but always with his father-in-law, Charles Ingalls trying to encourage him in the right ways.
But one day Almanzo notices amidst the debri of his destroyed house his GERANIUM PLANT, and learns a lesson…….his helping the plant was misguided and didn’t work…IN THE RUINS OF THE DESTROYED HOME THE PLANT GREW……..I CAN INSERT HERE THAT MY KIDS…the ones close-by: JESSE, NEPHI, MAHANA & MARCIA all understood this, didn’t help me with things I could do for myself–which I pretty much wanted to do anyway and not be a burden anymore than absolutely necessary. So they let me work hard to solve my problems for WHICH I DEEPLY THANK ALL OF THEM.
So, Almanzo went to work with Charles first helping to build in a barn two railings so he could grab onto something to help, and began taking steps, AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN, until he could do it on his own, and all of a sudden surprised Laura with being able to carefully walk again, and helping Charles build themselves a new home….another LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE!

24 MONTHS AGO, after apparently a botched surgery on my spine, MY RIGHT LEG DIED & I COULDN’T WALK–the muscles in my lower legs disappeared and only bone was left like I was a holocaust victim! I was a bit different than Almanzo in the above story, as he got terribly discouraged at first–I NEVER DID, but always was blessed with my “NEVER, NEVER GIVE IN, NOR GIVE UP” attitude. So, I went to work but in my attempts to –awaken feeling, build muscle again, be able to walk and be independant–a couple of falls left MY SPINE DANGEROUSLY MISALIGNED AS SEEN BELOW. The titanium appliances were perhaps doing more harm than good. A FALL COULD LEAVE ME COMPLETELY PARALYZED OR DEAD…..So great caution was advised by my spine surgeon, saying, “DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID!” .


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