Trip #5 TIE HACKER TOUR –SPOT Tracker link

I will be leaving  on Tuesday afternoon, August 2nd, for the North Slope of the Uintas and Southern Wyoming to revisit all the known tie hacker sites and those unknown which I have discovered –to review dating calculations and other details, and do research at Southern Wyoming libraries and the Union Pacific Railroad. If you are new and don’t know about the tie hackers–“unsung American heroes,” go to the articles page where I list 7 reports.  In fact I will create a new category labeling all of them so they will show on each page under OTHER TOPICS.
I will send a SPOT tracker signal from each site so those interested will know the exact location of each.  Follow me at:  SPOT Tracker link
I will likely hit last the site I discovered for Beartown  you see above.  It was described as 
“The liveliest, if not the most wicked town in America!”   
I will do my best to report in to KSL OUTDOORS Radio on Saturday morning at about 6:40 a.m. You can listen online to the program  clicking on the highlighted link above.  

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