Trip No. 3 – Bob’s Lake

A TRUE WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE!Incredibly this trip shows that in just 3 days you can have a real “Wilderness Experience!” There were only signs of one person having been in the area this season. Eventually the trail disappears and you’re on your own, so have a good map & compass, and enjoy! If you are a fisherman, you will catch tough, hard fighting Tiger Trout in Bob’s Lake.

NEW NOTE: In this show I mention and have photographs of many ruins of log cabins on the Middle Fork, but wasn’t able to explain what had gone on in the area. In my Slide Show #5 I mention briefly learning about the history. From around 1867 until aproximately 1930 the Union Pacific Railroad maintained camps of tiehackers on the Uinta’s North Slope. Millions of railroad ties were hewn with broad axes on the North Slope, and the Middle Fork of Black’s Fork was one of the more active areas, the tiehackers and their families forming a scattered community that even had a school.

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